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Scottish Government

Don't bother telling us what you spend it on!!

Something is very rotten inside the whole governing process in Scotland relating to the benighted Edinburgh Tram project as recent stories are finally showing.

We now find the Scottish Government threw £500,000,000 into the doorway at City Chambers with less in the way of care and safeguards than any parent would take handing out their children's sweetie money..

release 78a-Who Runs Edinburgh - 01-09-2011

  • This is the letter from Transport Scotland that those unable to see beyond St Andrews Square are relying upon to change the decision to safeguard the City’s financial well being.


  • Indeed the letter begs one question above all, why start now -- after 90% of the money has already gone?


  • As ever in this sorry saga does something else lie behind this letter being sent at this time?