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Don't bother telling us what you spend it on!!

Something is very rotten inside the whole governing process in Scotland relating to the benighted Edinburgh Tram project as recent stories are finally showing.

We now find the Scottish Government threw £500,000,000 into the doorway at City Chambers with less in the way of care and safeguards than any parent would take handing out their children's sweetie money..

DARKNESS VISIBLE-- email extracts from CEC


Emails obtained fromn one Freedom of Information request shed light on what was going on behind the scenes when others were made last year.

The June 30th meeting of the council was a crucial one in setting the course of the project in the teeth of heavy criticism and fears over the eventual total cost.

Edinburgh Council Chiefs broke the Law over 'document shredding' case

The constant drip feed of news about how the council manage the news surrounding the tram is disturbing.

The default position for a while has been to say nothing, but increasingly evidnence like today's news from the Scottish Information Commissioner shows an inquiry is urgently needed wile there is still time to address the catastophic fault lines still lying across the project as it stands.

Businesses face bleak future

Edinburgh trams: Traders left ‘fearful’ at latest works  

Scotsman - Published on Friday 23 March 2012 12:00

THE latest phase of the city-centre tram project, which gets under way this weekend, will create almost continuous roadworks from Haymarket to Waverley.

release 94 - Who said what to who- 21-02-1012


  • Until December 2010 the Council were routinely revealing what are called ‘raw’ or ‘unvalidated’ figures for air quality levels, in terms of one ‘marker’ pollutant N02-Nitrogen Dioxide..


release 93 - Workshops report warning - 20-12-2012


  • The ‘Tram Workshops’ process was proposed by Councillors as a way of bringing together in meaningful engagement the Council managers of the Edinburgh Traffic system and the residents unhappy at the effects of the Tram project on the City traffic flows.


release 88- A truth hidden is a truth denied- 29-11-2011

(To see the images of redaction click here to link to the pdf copy of this on our site)


The Truth?


No truth - and anything but the truth!


  • As many of you know Edinburgh residents worried about pollution levels directly caused by the misconceived tram project have been battling for months to force the council to reveal the truth.