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Hear it here---first!

on Mon, 02/04/2013 - 00:00


LATEST NEWS:  You always hear it here first

We revealed that behind the typically sunny reports of the recent Transport committee meeting (jan 15th 2013) the facts that were in the report (but strangely absent from any comment by Council Officials) were :

 Pollution UP 14% while traffic levels DOWN 5%!

Transport and Environment committee January 2013

on Sat, 01/19/2013 - 15:51


LATEST NEWS:   From the Council Transport and Environment committee meeting coming up in January

The meeting took place on the morning of Tuesday January 15th at the City Chambers on the High Street, starting at  10:00am at the Dean of Guild Court Room in City Chambers on the High Street. A live blogger was supplying the STV local service and this extract caught the eye


Confusion on Hope Street

This release highlights a situation that shows why residents have become so cynical about Council pronouncements on the tram project, it's effects, and their committment to addressing these.

An absent minded zombie destroying the city

I think I agree with some people on the Scotsman website who blogged that this was a bit of a weak story... in truth it is a case study that should sit inside in a larger story.