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traffic pollution

Confusion on Hope Street

This release highlights a situation that shows why residents have become so cynical about Council pronouncements on the tram project, it's effects, and their committment to addressing these.

Fail to plan really is plan to fail

What is happening to Edinburgh is very sad.  

What was one of the most liveable of cities is slowly being sacrificed on the altar of an unworkable idea.

 The problem is not the 'temporary' period of the works but the permanent aftermath following construction ---look at the plans (mentioned by others in comments to the article above) and  the problems are obvious.  

An absent minded zombie destroying the city

I think I agree with some people on the Scotsman website who blogged that this was a bit of a weak story... in truth it is a case study that should sit inside in a larger story.


(As this news article contains pictures that haven't displayed -please click here to see the PDF version on this site in Resources)

FIDDLING THE FIGURES…..  How to make pollution disappear and keep the tram project on track, without having to lift a finger.


release 40--Ten streets from hundreds on a list the Council won't publish

Dated 04-03-2011


  • The pollution hit list the council haven’t published


  • The Council’sown maps and figures  can be used to show tie and CEC which streets will get hit next -- if they don’t come to their senses and change the plan.


  • see the list below


DEFRA to Edinburgh Council--you are wrong; the residents are right!--release 34

Dated 04-01-2011

The Govt department DEFRA are providing new instructions for all councils in the UK measuring air quality following work by an Edinburgh resident.


Dr Ashley Lloyd, and Edinburgh resident, has maintained that the City of Edinburgh council figures for traffic created air pollution have been routinely and consistently under-estimated because of an error in applying a mathematical formula ‘correction factor’.