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United Nations

release 91b- United Nations meeting outcome briefing notes- 19-12-2011

Update on the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee hearing last week


        The resident’s group feel it went very well for them in terms of the attention paid to the arguments by the committee.


        An initial attempt by the UK government Barrister to portray the issue as a small one affecting a very small number of people, and therefore out-with the remit of the committee was not accepted.


release 89- United Nations invitation to Edimburgh man- 13-12-2011

Two Edinburgh Residents are going to the United Nations’ Palais des Nations Building in Geneva this week to address the UN’s Aarhus Convention committee.



The reason for their invitation is that the committee feel there is a Prima Facie case to believe Edinburgh Council may have broken their own rules for ensuring proper Public consultation and involvement, over the Tram scheme.