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The Problem?

As we have tried to show on the home page the problem has become something larger than just  the tram project.

Larger than the issue of traffic created pollution being hidden from public sight.

It has become another of a string of similar situations across the UK where an initial error or omission is left unadmitted and so festers away unadmitted and unaddressed until the cover up achieves a life of its own.

Traffic created pollution isn't just one of those branches of public health science that is, despite it's importance, just another one of those things science and scientists throw around to worry us.

An important aspect of traffic created pollution is that it also serves as a marker for increases in all the other bad effects of increasing traffic through residential streets.  These include noise, degredation to the environment , increased danger to pedestrians and children, the sterlising effect of increasing traffic on liveability and eventually the make up of streets and so on.

That's why it is so inexplicable that a project in which the main report predicted increases in pollution--and therefore all these other effects --- in OVER 65% of all houses in the entire city, and a situation that doesn't begin on day of the tram operation but worsens over a decade, was so totally and completely ignored.

On a number of occasions down the years Councillors in senior position within the oversight committee have repeatedly seemed to assume that these pollution increases (and therefore the other effects)  were just going happen 'anyway', whether the tram was built or not.

But that isn't what the report was saying, it was comparing 'With' and 'Without' tram, not what might happen anyway.

The attitude across the council is that the pollution issue is nothing to worry about-- and maybe (although unadmitted) that if it is, then it can be sorted out when the project is 'finished'.

We think that if this is so it is a dangerous attitude.                                           

At present we believe unless the project is changed, people across the city will inevitably pay a price in otherwise unnecessary illness, and even deaths - that much is absolutely certain and the problem is not unknown and it is not small, as this slide from the Institute of Occupational Medicine data shows.